Bomaderry Community Inc, the community group behind the Bomaderry dog park project has recognised the significant contributions of Downer Seymour Whyte joint venture (DSWJV) in helping to progress the park project to development stage.

Photo: Downer Seymour Whyte Project Manager Lewis Browne with Havoc, a wolfhound puppy and Community Relations Advisor Renee Ciapponi with Ruby the cattle dog on the site of Bomaderry’s proposed dog park, Thurgate Oval.

Bomaderry Community Inc., launched the project in 2019 to transform the decommissioned sports fields of Thurgate Oval, (which have lain dormant since 2014), into a new 24/7 off leash dog park in Bomaderry.

Bomaderry, like much of the Shoalhaven region, is experiencing rapid residential development and does not have a safe off leash park despite dog ownership in the area increasing. Hearing the concerns of residents that it had become difficult to exercise dogs safely while still keeping them under effective control, in late 2019 Bomaderry Community Inc. began engaging local dog owners, business leaders and the Shoalhaven Council to try and get the project off the ground.

Downer Seymour Whyte was one of the first corporate sponsors of the community-led project. Since 2019, Downer Seymour Whyte has donated over $40,000 hours of ‘in-kind’ consulting to support the planning, design and project management of the dog park project.

Kylie Knight, Founder & President of Bomaderry Community Inc. said, “Without the support of Downer Seymour Whyte, this dog park project would not have been possible. They’ve been a true project management partner helping us navigate the complexity of the park infrastructure planning while also upskilling our team.”

Project Manager Lewis Browne said, “It has been a great pleasure for the team to work with Bomaderry Community Inc. on this transformational project.”

“Dog parks create a positive impact on families by connecting them and their pets to nature and the outdoors, as well as provide a safe area for socialising and interacting with others. And this project has been about improving the lifestyle and facilities for the local community.”

Shoalhaven Council have recently approved conceptual plans for the dog park and announced their support to move the project to development stage with a special project committee appointed to oversee works.

For Bomaderry Community Inc, it’s critical that this remains a community-led initiative, however.

“It’s been a true community effort from both locals and local business partners to get the planning to this stage. To date, we’ve raised over $120,000 in funds and in-kind services from TAFE NSW, Downer Seymour Whyte, South Coast Correctional Centre, NSW Animal Welfare League, Lions Club Bomaderry, IGA Bomaderry, Paradise Pet Parks and others. The last thing we want to do is lose momentum now,” said Kylie Knight.

As the project moves into final planning and development, Bomaderry Community Inc is inviting all local dog owners and businesses to get involved.

Local dog owners can ‘donate a post’ to the dog park fence via a dedicated GoFundMe page set up by the community group and businesses are invited to become park sponsors with 100% of funds being donated towards the construction of the dog park fence and facilities.

“Help us make this dog park happen. With the decommissioned fields of Thurgate oval right in the centre of town, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to create an awesome new space for dog owners in Bomaderry and across the Shoalhaven.”

Downer Seymour Whyte joint venture is delivering civil and roadworks for the local Princes Highway: Berry to Bomaderry upgrade.