Burrendong, New South Wales





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 2019 – 2020

Contract value

<$25 million 


Burrendong Deep Storage Access

Fast facts


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13,600 hours

with zero (0) TRIs, FAIs, LTIs and MTIs recorded for entire project

3,600 L/s

design and commissioning of a pumping station capable of 3,600 L/s


The dam, which is currently at less than 4% capacity, has approximately 16GL of deep water or ‘dead storage’ which sits below the invert of the intake tower. Accessing the dead storage will extend the water supply for 3-4 months.

The deep-water storage is located along the alignment of the old Macquarie River that the reservoir encompasses. To access the dead storage, a new pumping system has to be designed and installed together with a cofferdam. The pumping system will be capable of outputting up to 600L/s to satisfy the maximum output of 300ML/day. The pumping system will consist of 6 x pumps located on 2 x floating pontoons that are anchored into position over the deep storage area. An outlet pipe 630mm for each pump will transfer the water to the ‘upstream’ side of a new cofferdam and enable the water to access the intake tower.

The cofferdam is to be earth and rock filled with a central sheet pile wall. Upgrade to the existing HV network is also required to provide sufficient power for the new system. All infrastructure has been designed for removal once the reservoir begins to fill. This will enable the equipment to be preserved and reused in other projects elsewhere.

“The Dubbo region is still needing water storage initiatives around the region so we can store water in times of flood. This is only a drop in the ocean, but it is welcome, and we do appreciate.”

Dubbo Regional Council Mayor Ben Shields

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