Cairns, Queensland


Cairns Port Authority



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Contract value

<$25 million 


Cairns Int’l Airport Apron Improvements    


Fast facts

1 month

ahead of schedule

0 (zero) no.

unplanned operational impacts

0 (zero) no.

safety incidents


The CTB pavements for the Terminal 1 apron required a seamless process, from product pugging, through to the placed and compacted end product to strict level tolerance and high degrees of compaction. The team was bound by limited live time for the CTB product, therefore the compaction process included the time-efficient use of a 50 tonne Marco Roller. The project required special care in planning, resourcing (skilled workforce in sufficient numbers) and quality assurance techniques, to ensure a quality end product to strict specifications.

The final surface was constructed using concrete pavers laid to tight specification, resulting in work teams being employed to pave the entire apron by hand under stringent methodology controls.

The team had to proactively face the daily challenges associated with working airside on a busy airport, adapting to the continual traffic created by the operating aircraft. Strict project planning and operational controls were implemented to minimise disruption to the airport operations and to ensure the safety of workers, airport employees and the general public within the work zone.