Future engineers put theory to test

Seymour Whyte will, again, be supporting Constructionarium Australia’s All-Female Story Bridge Build as lead contractor, building on our history of developing emerging talent. In 2019, the organisation supported the June 2019 All-Female Build with Seymour Whyte’s Design Manager Amandine Daniel as Project Manager.

Taking place at the Construction Training Centre in Salisbury, Brisbane from 23 June to 2 July, the latest build celebrates International Women In Engineering day and will see an all-female team build a replica of Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge.

Weighing in at over 4 tonnes and 30 metres in length, the bridge is the centrepiece of an eight-day training programme designed to provide undergraduate and early career professionals with real-world experience as they manage a major construction project from tender to completion.

As part of the project, Seymour Whyte will support the all-female cohort with project management expertise and support as they tackle the many challenges they will face as they form a team capable of delivering their project on time and to budget.

John Kirkwood, Managing Director and CEO of Seymour Whyte, outlined the importance of supporting programs like Constructionarium Australia.

“We are thrilled to be supporting Constructionarium Australia’s All-Female Build, again, and look forward to working with the group as they undertake the project. As a sector, it is vital that we invest in the future talent that will shape our industry’s future. We are also committed to increasing diversity within the construction sector and providing pathways for female participation. Our partnership with Constructionarium Australia for their 2021 All-Female Build is the perfect way for us to support the sector’s future.”

Nick Vaisey, Chair of Constructionarium Australia, paid tribute to Seymour Whyte’s leadership, “We cannot thank Seymour Whyte enough for their involvement in our All-Female Build. Without the support of the sector, Constructionarium Australia would not exist. John and his team’s passion and commitment to creating positive change in our industry cannot be underestimated, and we look forward to welcoming the new cohort of talented emerging female professionals to site for their build.”