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Core capabilities


Seymour Whyte boasts an impressive track record of delivering sophisticated and impactful industry projects that substantially elevate the operational capabilities for the owner.

Our comprehensive construction capabilities include construct-only, design-and-construction, managing contractor, and early contractor involvement, extending to providing financing solutions and public-private partnerships.

With our capability, we can build and develop hardened and resilient structures and working infrastructure with a long-life expectancy suitable for the Defence sector, including airside and landside works, civil infrastructure, functional buildings, maritime structures, utilities, energy, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and smart electrical works.

We engage closely with our clients and key stakeholders to ensure that each project meets strategic goals and contributes to broader community benefits.

At Seymour Whyte, we are profoundly committed to diversity and social inclusion, proactively creating training and employment opportunities for diverse groups, including school leavers, pre-employment trainees, and Indigenous and disadvantaged communities.

As a trusted partner within the industry, Seymour Whyte has cultivated a strong reputation for safety, reliability, and innovative value creation over the years.

Our teams are adept at navigating the complexities of projects within live operational environments, strictly adhering to the highest security requirements to ensure project integrity and confidentiality.


Airside and landside infrastructure expertise

Our specialised focus on airside and landside infrastructure leverages cutting-edge engineering in highly sensitive, secure environments.

Concrete batching and paving set us apart. We excel in the precision execution of demanding heavy-duty pavements and the effective management of operations in live, high-security zones.

With adept control over site perimeters and work zones, supported by advanced plant and equipment, we can self-perform critical tasks for concrete works and structures.

Our team’s collaborative ethos and stringent adherence to fostering community engagement and security standards ensure that our projects not only meet but exceed client requirements.

Photo: Seymour Whyte’s concrete batching operations for Sydney’s new M12 motorway to the new Western Sydney International Airport.

Photo: Seymour Whyte’s state-of-the-art rigid concrete paver working on Australia’s largest paving concrete contract to date (330,000m3).

Photo: Seymour Whyte’s 45km rigid concrete pavement works on the Pacific Highway between Glenugie and Maclean in Northern NSW.


Civil infrastructure and range development

Our proficiency in civil infrastructure and range development encompasses comprehensive solutions from earthworks, firing ranges, and road and bridge construction.

Our engineers provide assistance at every stage of the project for robust facilities, including covered structures and facilities of strategic Defence importance.

Our adaptive processes handle environmental challenges, ensuring durability and operational continuity. We integrate sustainable practices in water management to enhance ecological efficiency.

Our firm commitment to security and meticulous coordination with Defence personnel ensures that our infrastructure reliably supports the ADF’s strategic capabilities.

Functional buildings

We are highly proficient in designing and constructing functional buildings, delivering versatile facilities such as command centres, barracks, and maintenance buildings.

These structures are equipped with high-security features and contemporary amenities, built using the latest materials and technologies to ensure resilience and adaptability to also reduce our carbon footprint.

Our energy-efficient designs and integrated smart systems, including state-of-the-art security and communications networks, make these buildings fundamentally suited to the dynamic requirements of modern Defence operations.

Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO)

Our capability in developing infrastructure for guided weapons and explosive ordnance sets us apart, with specialised facilities designed for the secure storage, maintenance, and testing of munitions and missile systems.

We can construct hardened bunkers, testing silos, and assembly buildings that adhere to the strictest Defence specifications. Incorporating comprehensive safety and security technologies, including blast protection and advanced environmental controls, these facilities maintain utmost security and operational readiness at all times.

Port and marine structures

Our expertise extends to the construction and maintenance of strategic port and marine structures, essential for the operational efficacy of the Australian Defence Force’s maritime operations.

We manage comprehensive projects from jetty construction to advanced berthing facilities capable of accommodating diverse naval vessels. Designed to endure the challenges of marine environments, our structures ensure heightened operational capabilities and security.

We use advanced engineering techniques and innovative materials to deliver maritime infrastructure that is secure and durable.

Smart systems, utilities and energy

We provide a full suite of utilities and energy solutions tailored to meet the requirements of Defence.

Our expertise encompasses the design, installation, and enhancement of essential infrastructure, including high-voltage and low-voltage electrical networks, modern substations, intelligent transport systems (ITS), advanced telecommunications systems including optic fibre, comprehensive fuels pipeline management, fuel storage solutions, and water reticulation and treatment facilities.

Additionally, we specialise in the development and distribution of renewable energy sources, enhancing the energy resilience of Defence operations.

Our unwavering commitment to reliability and security guarantees that these systems robustly support the extensive demands of Defence facilities, while our dedicated focus on integrating sustainable energy practices underscores our commitment to operational sustainability and environmental stewardship.

A global network with strong local roots

While operating autonomously, our integration with VINCI, combines a global and local approach to deliver a comprehensive solution for our clients.

We have an unparalleled array of expertise in concrete paving, underground projects, foundations, prestressing, geotechnical engineering, rigid structures, electrical works to deliver on the promises of the energy transition, and developing low-carbon assets to combat the climate emergency.

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