A smarter approach

Corporate responsibility

With a strong commitment to the protection of our people and planet, and a social responsibility to long-term sustainability, our roadmap brings together key focus areas and initiatives to address the complex and evolving needs of the world around us.

We promote a respectful and inclusive culture — that creates a positive experience for everyone in contact with us — to ensure that our business remains acceptable and sustainable in the long term.

It’s our future, together.

Our mission is to provide a safe, capable, engaged and productive work environment for our employees and everyone within our company.

This is driven by a common responsibility at every level of our organisation through good policy, effective procedures, our non-negotiables, company-wide awareness and delivery of expectations, and appropriate action both in compliance and reporting to achieve our safety, health and wellbeing mission.

Our Health and Safety Policy establishes our commitment to effectively managing all aspects of health and safety, and taking all reasonably practicable measures to continuously improve. It expresses our commitment to ensuring that our people’s behaviour is consistent with an improving safety culture. We ensure our policy is widely communicated, through inductions for new employees, internal training and awareness sessions, site notice boards and communications; and via our Company intranet.

In addition, we have a health and wellbeing framework, which recognises that our duty of care extends to our people’s physical and mental health.

Safety, health and wellbeing performance is also discussed regularly at all levels of the business, from site-based project teams through to executive leadership level. Further assurance is provided by audits against the requirements for AS/NZS 4801:2001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Our commitment to an equitable construction industry extends to an inclusive culture that embraces our differences and gives everyone the opportunity to grow and be equally valued. We are unified in our direction to having a workplace that is balanced and fair for all.

With a clear vision and focus, we have consecutively achieved pay equity; and have continued to develop under-represented groups within our industry, particularly women, into leadership roles. These strategies are measurable, with targets set, reviewed and reported.

We celebrate difference and promote inclusivity believing that diversity of thought, approaches and experiences enrich our culture as a business, as set out in our Diversity Policy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Above all, our policies encourage behaving with integrity, honesty and transparency.

In our commitment to environment management and sustainability, we collaborate to advance innovation and sustainable operations by focusing on early engagement to identify the unique opportunities to minimise our environmental footprint.

Our environment and sustainability performance commitments are outlined in our Environmental Policy, Sustainability Policy and our Environmental Essentials. These documents are critical to ensuring our employees and broader stakeholder groups are engaged and aware of our commitments.

We are committed to establishing and harnessing long-lasting relationships of mutual benefit, that generate value for our projects, clients and local partners — to leave a positive legacy.

Seymour Whyte strongly opposes modern slavery including all forms of forced and bonded labour in our supply chain / operations through due diligence in our operations.

Our Human Resources Management Policy sets out a framework for the recruitment and selection of employees with the right values, behaviours, skills and experience to support business activities. It is underpinned by our leadership capabilities framework, and our Code of Conduct which defines the behaviours we expect and the ethical standards we adhere to.

We focus our social programs on the needs and expectations of local development and their long term sustainability. This includes partnerships with young people and First Nations Australians with a focus on empowering them through education, upskilling, employment and economic participation.

We also work with industry to bring about positive change within our communities and for society as a whole through smart engineering, innovation thinking, best practice community engagement and investment in our people.

Our Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy sets out our commitment to assessing risks and socially sustainable opportunities; and taking appropriate steps to mitigate negative impacts and enhancing positive impacts within the communities we operate in. The VINCI Guide on Human Rights also reinforces our duty to observe the rights of our employees, subcontracted staff and of people within the local community that might be impacted by our projects and activities; and ensures that our people and anyone engaged on a Seymour Whyte project is done so in an ethical and socially responsible manner that does not result in coercive behaviour or contravene our whistleblower and modern slavery policies.

It is in our DNA to constantly search for innovative resource-saving solutions. Our people have a collective effort and desire to work together to:

  • take action for the climate
  • optimise resources by harnessing the circular economy
  • preserve our natural environment to enhance Australia’s unique biodiversity.

Our people do more to bring our environmental ambition to life through innovation, green initiatives and sustainable programs