Brisbane CBD, Queensland


Brisbane City Council 



  • Bridges & structures


 2007 – 2010

Contract value

$200 – 250 million 


Hale Street Link (Go Between Bridge)

Fast facts

300 m

long bridge

6 no.

tree species relocated (2 jacaranda and 4 fig)

Zero (0)

environmental breaches

5 no.

signalised intersections

7,000 no.

pedestrians and cyclists per day throughout construction

2 months

ahead of schedule


Go Between Bridge (Hale Street Link Alliance) project includes the design and construction of a four-lane, 300 m long, three-span, two-pier concrete balanced cantilever bridge – designed to increase accessibility to and from some of Brisbane’s most popular recreational, cultural, educational and residential precincts either side of the Brisbane River adjacent to the CBD.

The bridge includes dedicated pedestrian and cycle paths, connections to the Bicentennial Bikeway and full equitable access, as well as a road-toll collection system and equipment, landscaping and environmental works, and improvements and alterations to utility services.

The project also features a two-lane viaduct on Coronation Drive over the Hale Street intersection on the north side, and significant roadworks including 5 at-grade signalised intersections on the southern side of the Brisbane River.

The construction of the Go Between Bridge is challenged by a highly constrained work area, working adjacent to the Brisbane River, main roads and a constant stream of pedestrians and bikeway users.

“Once again let me thank the Hale Street Link Alliance for their hard word, dedication and professionalism during the construction of the Go Between Bridge and I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future.”

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor Brisbane, Dec 2010

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