Photo: ‘The Road to Reconciliation’ by Shara Delaney (2019)

Seymour Whyte has launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan, Reflect, to build smarter partnerships and connections with First Nations People and communities.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a blueprint – at the heart of Seymour Whyte’s sustainable future – to create meaningful relationships, enhance respect and promote viable opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Alanna Herbst, Seymour Whyte General Manager, People and Communication, spearheaded the Reconciliation Action Plan and said she wanted a meaningful framework.

“Seymour Whyte is extending itself and seeking to hold itself to account with bold targets in our commitment to strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and engaging with staff and stakeholders in reconciliation.”

“Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has now been developed and endorsed to assist our organisation in embedding reconciliation throughout the business.”

“The RAP provides a platform for our people to learn, embrace the culture and work with First Nations peoples in line with Seymour Whyte’s vision and core values to ensure that our actions leave a positive, sustainable social impact within our communities.”

John Kirkwood, Seymour Whyte CEO and MD said that the RAP reaffirms Seymour Whyte’s commitment to more significant socially sustainable outcomes and connections with community, especially with Indigenous people and businesses.

“Our Reconciliation Action Plan will help shape our future in which Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can share in an equitable, prosperous and rewarding future.”

“The RAP will help promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People participation within our business – as well as reconcile with and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and non-Indigenous Australians.”

“It will also help see our involvement grow and take more of a proactive approach to strengthening our partnerships, while also creating new ones, with First Australians.”

Seymour Whyte’s focus is to deliver on the reconciliation outcomes over the next 12 months, concentrating on relationships, respect, opportunities and tracking on our progress while ensuring our values are culturally appropriate and promote inclusiveness.

“We acknowledge that we still have more to do to further educate and drive awareness across the organisation. We are committed to building a more productive and inclusive culture,” Mr Kirkwood added.

The RAP is our smarter way to more that also encourages our staff to extend their understanding of and engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and communities.

Note to editors
A Reconciliation Action Plan is a strategic document that supports an organisation to develop actions, strategies and measurable targets that build respectful relationships and create meaningful opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.