Video: Hear from Scott Calleja as he discusses recent milestones and explores how the M12 Motorway (Central) project is shaping Western Sydney’s infrastructure.

Shaping Western Sydney’s infrastructure on the M12 Motorway (Central) project.

In the bustling landscape of Sydney’s transportation infrastructure, a remarkable project is underway that promises to reshape the region’s connectivity and efficiency.

The M12 Motorway is a critical component of the $4.4 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan poised to revolutionise travel for both road users and freight operators.

The driving force behind the progress of our 7.6km M12 Motorway (Central) project is the Seymour Whyte team led by Scott Calleja, featured in the video above, to showcase the progress made.

About the project

The M12 Motorway is a symbol of progress for Western Sydney – forming a critical component of the $4.4 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan which supports our Western Sydney airport project.

Poised to revolutionise travel for both road users and freight operators, the motorway is set to redefine convenience and accessibility for the region’s residents and businesses, enhancing travel time reliability for commuters and providing a seamless link to Western Sydney Airport and integrating the airport into Sydney’s extensive motorway network.

Covering 16 kilometres, the M12 Motorway is a colossal undertaking. The anticipated benefits of the M12 Motorway are nothing short of transformative. As it gears up for its scheduled opening in 2026, the motorway is projected to carry 52,000 vehicles daily by 2036.

The works will subsequently bolster economic activities and encourage investment in the region.

One of the standout features of the project is its well-thought-out connectivity. Stretching eastward, the motorway will seamlessly link up with Elizabeth Drive and the M7 Motorway, enhancing accessibility to the eastern parts of the region.

Simultaneously, the motorway will also forge a connection to The Northern Road towards the west, further solidifying its role as a pivotal piece of Western Sydney’s transportation network.

Our Seymour Whyte team have turned the ambitious vision of the motorway into a tangible reality with their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment.

The M12 Motorway project is on track to meet its 2026 opening target with several key milestones having already been accomplished. The M12 Motorway project promises to redefine Western Sydney’s transportation landscape. With its ambitious scope, strategic connectivity, and the remarkable efforts of our team, the region eagerly anticipates its completion and the transformation it will have for Western Sydney.