Sydney, New South Wales


Transport for New South Wales



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 2018 – 2020

Contract value

$300 – 350 million


M4 Smart Motorway (S2 & S3)

Fast facts

109 no.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people employed on site

320 no.

integrated Speed Land Use Signs (ISLUS)

54 no.

overhead gantries installed

110,000 m

length of fibre optic cable installed

420 no.

motorway / ramp closures and detours

106,000 t

tonnes of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) safely removed


Sydney’s M4 Smart Motorway, used by 170,000 vehicles per day, is the first of its kind in New South Wales. This award-winning smart motorway project brings intelligent transport technologies together to maximise the performance of the motorway — by using real time information, communication and traffic management tools to provide motorists with a safer, smoother and more reliable journey.

Stage 2 (9.05km) and Stage 3 (9.6km) forms part of the overall 36 km stretch of the M4 Smart Motorway, which has been divided into several packages.

Both stages of the project involve:

  • Motorway ramp realignment, extension and widening
  • Installation of ramp meters, ramp control signs, overhead gantries, variable message signs, traffic sensors, CCTV, speed and motorway lane use signs, maintenance bays, vehicle detection loops, emergency phones
  • Upgrades to power and communications infrastructure
  • Stormwater drainage, earthworks, pavements, public utility adjustments, noise walls adjustments and landscaping works.

Key challenges include busy road corridor with complex traffic, multiple interfacing projects, management of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and utility protection and relocations.

“On behalf of the school community I would like to congratulate Seymour Whyte on their dedication to community consultation regarding these major works. Your regular updates to myself as Principal of Parramatta West PS have greatly assisted in ensuring the wider school community has been well informed of each step of the process. This has assisted in alleviating parental concerns and assisted in ensuring students and the community were well informed of works that had the potential to impact on their daily movement.”

Principal, Parramatta West Public School, Oct 2019

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