Sunshine Coast, Queensland


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2020 – 2022

Contract value

$150 – 200 million


Bruce Highway Upgrade: Maroochydore Road and Mons Road Interchanges

Fast facts

2 no.

new bridges over Eudlo Creek

56 m

long 2 span bridge over the M1

97,184 t

of asphalt


Maroochydore Road and Mons Road interchanges project includes upgrading entry / exit ramps with the Bruce Highway, interchange improvements, new service road connections, new bridge overpass and new drainage structures under the highway, to improve flood immunity in Eudlo Creek.

Key features include:

  • converting the existing Maroochydore Road and Nambour Connection Road roundabout to a signalised interchange
  • constructing a new four-lane, eastbound bridge (two span super-Ts with continuous central pier) over the Bruce Highway from Nambour Connection Road to Maroochydore Road
  • extending and widening all entry and exit ramps to the interchange – including additional traffic lanes to Nambour Connection Road and Maroochydore Road
  • constructing two-way service roads connecting Maroochydore Road and Mons Road interchanges, including eastern and western service road bridges (six-span deck units)
  • delivering new active transport facilities for bike riders and pedestrians through the interchange connecting from Nambour Connection Road to Mons Road
  • widening of Mons Road under the Bruce Highway.

“With strong population growth and increasing tourism, we look forward to being part of the successful development of the Sunshine Coast and continuing our long-standing relationship in the region.”

John Kirkwood, CEO, Seymour Whyte, Apr 2020

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