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2023 – 2026

Contract value

 <$140 - 160 million

Mulgoa Road Upgrade

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utility relocation


lane expansion


kilometres of drainage installation


Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) has forged a strategic partnership with Seymour Whyte and Turnbull Engineering, forming the Mulgoa Road Upgrade Alliance. Their collaborative effort is dedicated to enhancing Mulgoa Road in Sydney’s western region.

The upgrade between Jeanette Street, Regentville and Blaikie Road, Jamisontown encompasses various critical components aimed at modernising the road infrastructure and fostering overall development.

Key project features

  • Expanding Mulgoa Road: Transformation of Mulgoa Road into a six-lane divided thoroughfare, providing three lanes in each direction along with a central median.
  • Utility Relocation: Relocating intricate utilities including gas, water, sewer, and electricity and communications to facilitate the road upgrade.
  • Traffic Flow Restriction: Converting Factory Road into a left-in access only route, enhancing safety. Restricting Glenbrook Street to left-in only access to Peter Court.
  • Enhanced Turning Access: Extending and augmenting turning lanes on Mulgoa Road to provide improved access to the M4 Motorway.
  • Tunnel Access Modification: Eliminating tunnel access to the Penrith Homemakers Centre at Wolseley Street by introducing dual right-turn lanes on Mulgoa Road.
  • Bus Priority Lanes: Implementing dedicated bus priority lanes at Wolseley Street and Glenbrook Street intersections.
  • Active Transport Corridor: Creating an active transport corridor along the eastern side of Mulgoa Road to promote cycling and pedestrian activities.
  • Transit Zone Connection: Establishing a transit zone connecting Hatchinson Crescent, Huron Place, and Peter Court, enhancing mobility for both vehicles and cyclists while providing an adjacent footpath.
  • Noise Abatement: Constructing a noise wall on the eastern side of the road, spanning from Glenbrook Street to the M4 Motorway.
  • Future Expansion Preparation: Incorporating preparations for future road widening, both to the north and south.

Key project benefits

  • Enhanced Road Capacity: The project’s core objective is to augment road capacity, catering to the demands of a growing population and workforce.
  • Congestion Alleviation: By reducing congestion and travel times, the upgrade will result in smoother traffic flow and enhanced commuting experiences.
  • Heightened Road Safety: Improved road safety measures will benefit all road users, ensuring safer journeys.
  • Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure: The project also prioritizes pedestrian and cyclist safety, providing safe and effective infrastructure, along with better access to public transport.
  • Urban Aesthetics: The initiative seeks to enhance the visual appeal and urban design of the road corridor.
  • Travel Time and Cost Reduction: Ultimately, the project aims to significantly reduce travel times and transport costs, making transportation more efficient and economical.
  • Promotion of Active Transport: By improving active transport infrastructure, the project encourages greener and healthier commuting alternatives.

Hours of work

Our work hours are between 7am and 6pm for day works, and 6pm and 7am for night works from Monday to Friday and 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. We will continue to keep the community informed of work needed to be completed outside of these hours.

Contact us 

Phone: 1800 733 084 (Press 1)

Email: Construction.mulgoaroadupgrade@transport.nsw.gov.au

Mail: PO Box 973, Parramatta CBD NSW 2124

Find more about the project via the Mulgoa Road Upgrade interactive portal.

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