Selwyn, Queensland


Western Mining Corporation  


Resources & renewable energy


 1998 – 1999

Contract value

<$25 million  

Phosphate Hill Mine and
Acid Handling Plant Civil Works


Seymour Whyte was engaged to provide general civil works for the Western Mining Corporation with the contract superintended by Bechtel, as the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) contractor.

The Phosphate Hill Mine is located in a remote location approximately two hours south west of Mt Isa in North West Queensland. Due to the remoteness of the site, a substantial fly-in fly-out workforce and dedicated accommodation camp was required to service the project. FIFO servicing also meant that effective workforce logistics and work-cycles were required to ensure successful delivery. In addition, there was a detailed EPCM administrative and reporting requirement associated with the project, and significant interaction with other contractors such as structural steel and large cranes.

The scope of works included earthworks, piling, heavy concrete slabs, walls and foundations, high density polyethylene dams, roadworks, underground services and interlocking concrete paving.

Despite the complicated concrete footings and concrete foundations, the project was completed two months ahead of schedule.

The successful execution of the contract, led to Seymour Whyte negotiating an additional package for civil works for the Acid Handling Plant.

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