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Seymour Whyte believes success comes when we create smarter partnerships. When we find innovative ways to work collaboratively with our clients, joint venture partners and employees, great things can, and do, happen. We’ve also fostered smarter partnerships with our world-class global networks, and with our industry as a whole.

Clients as partners

It is how we partner with our clients that is the critical factor in finding the most innovative and creative solutions. It’s simple, we work with them. It’s because our people, teams, leaders and CEO work closely with them from day one and are on their side, through the challenges and success, throughout every step of the project lifecycle.

Global networks as partners

What do you do with an already successful civil contracting business? Make it even better of course. With the expertise of a tier one, the agility and personal connection of a tier two, and the enhanced resources of VINCI – one of the largest, world-class construction companies globally, our clients, employees and joint venture partners get the best of three worlds.

Employees as partners

Our high-performing, collaborative and agile teams are empowered to relentlessly look for smarter ways to positively influence our world class projects. With an accessible team of hands-on management backing our people all the way, the possibilities for more diversity, growth, satisfaction and success is well within reach.

Suppliers as partners

Seymour Whyte has delivered some of Australia’s most iconic and complex infrastructure. We rely on our large network of quality partners who support us in realising our vision of these projects. Our industry is phenomenal – with some amazing talent across a broad range of design, engineering and project delivery services; and the opportunity to work in this amazing industry is extraordinary. We thrive on building long-term relationships to ensure our interactions are built on trust, respect, cooperation and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Industry as partners

We actively participate in various industry groups and initiatives to promote and foster a better industry for all of our partners and clients.  Our approach to innovation, smart engineering, and adopting LEAN principles is aimed at making our industry better, and improving our community in collaboration with the wider industry. We are active in promoting the industry to recognise that infrastructure design and construction teams, as well as other players within our sector, need to work collaboratively to achieve greater outcomes for all.

Photo: QMCA and Consult Australia launch Charter for the Queensland civil infrastructure industry. (Left to right): David Shillington and Jo O’Brien of Consult Australia; Richard Green of Mondalephous, QMCA Chair and Seymour Whyte MD and CEO John Kirkwood; Kent Kieseker; Christina Levinson of iConnect Consulting; and Mark Fairweather of HDR.



“We are delighted to launch the Charter; it is a result of significant work and collaboration from across our sector and will play a vital role in promoting engineering as the foundation of our industry. Our vision is for a prosperous, thriving and sustainable industry that is attractive to future generations of skilled talent. This Charter will improve and close the divide between construction and design that has over recent times resulted in sub-optimal and adversarial processes being adopted to resolve outcomes.”

Kent Kieseker QMCA Design Working Group. Aug 2020