Reefton, Victoria


Melbourne Water 



  • Dams


 2019 – 2021

Contract value

$25 – 50 million 


Upper Yarra Dam Safety Upgrade

Fast facts

260,000 m3

of earthworks

700 m3

of concrete

0 (Zero) no.

TRIs, LTIs and MTIs recorded (as at Oct 2020)


The Upper Yarra Dam is one of the most critical storages within the Melbourne Water system for supply and distribution of potable water for the city of Melbourne. Prior to the project, 99% of the annual probability of failure of the dam was due to internal erosion and piping through the embankment. These works will ensure the continued integrity and stability of the dam wall.

The project works involve:

  • the installation of defensive filter protection downstream of the existing core
  • construction of a concrete cut-off wall and seepage weir
  • significant excavation into the existing embankment including cutting down the dam crest and excavation into the upper downstream shoulder.

Other scope includes:

  • processing site won material
  • excavation of materials and filter trenches
  • installation of secant piles with filter sand backfill
  • clay core embankment construction
  • installation of filter chimney with dual layers
  • access road upgrades
  • installing grout curtains into the seepage weir subgrade
  • installation of drainage and pipe work for pumping system
  • concrete seepage weir construction
  • supply and installation of steel work for grates and bulkheads.

“I am writing to express Melbourne Water’s gratitude for the way in which Seymour Whyte has partnered with us to significantly improve safety across our workforces and the general community that we serve. I would like to personally thank you and your team for their dedication and commitment to providing a safe and empowered work environment for our employees and contractors.”

Michael Wandmaker, Managing Director, Melbourne Water, May 2020

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