Penrith, Sydney, New South Wales


Transport for NSW


Social infrastructure

  • Active transport


 2016 – 2018

Contract value

 $25 – $50 million

Yandhai Nepean Crossing

Fast facts

258 m

length of the longest spanned footbridge in the southern hemisphere

0 (zero) no.


200 m

length of unsupported main span

200 km

distance trusses (widest ever load in Sydney metro) were transported

1 st

an Australian first: for the use of node-by-node incremental bridge launching

700 t

tonnes of steel components used


This green bridge is the longest single clear-span footbridge in Australia. The bridge has an overall length of 258 m, with the main span over the river being 200 m long. It was designed as a triangular steel Warren truss with curved steel-concrete composite box approach-spans and includes viewing platforms and balconies along the structure.

Works include the construction of retaining walls, reconstruction of a 130 m section of Punt Road, architecturally-designed feature lighting to complement bridge aesthetics and viewing platforms, landscaping improvements to fit with the new bridge and approaches, including land-use restoration after construction, adjustments to overhead and underground utilities and 455 m of shared path connecting into the existing footpath networks.

Through technical excellence, collaboration and perseverance, the project team was able to produce innovative solutions to solve numerous complex challenges in delivery of Yandhai Nepean Crossing – a world-class pedestrian bridge. For example, an innovative and untested construction technique was developed to facilitate incremental launching of the steel truss. This ground-breaking solution, an Australian first, was given the name ‘Node-by-Node’ launching – emblematic of the way the truss is supported and shifted at the node throughout the launch using jacks and rolling skates.

“The Project Team has created an integrated infrastructure solution that reflects engineering excellence, creativity, inspiration to future generations, sets new benchmarks and has left a lasting legacy for the people of Penrith.”

Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith, June 2020

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